My Story

My earliest memory is being at the ankles of my father as he prepared our family meal.  He taught me from a very young age how to cook our traditional Laos cuisine.  From this early start my love of cooking grew and growing up in New Zealand I was able to experience food from all over the world.  I am a cook, not a chef, my food is uncomplicated - I let the flavours speak for themselves, using only the freshest, best quality seasonal ingredients and just the right balance of herbs and spices to enhance, not overwhelm. 


My passion has driven my career and after years of operating my own cafe’s I have decided to follow my dreams and start up a new venture offering an intimate and personalised private dining experience, to be able to teach people what I have learnt through small cooking classes and to cater for events and special occasions with delicious hand made food.  



Food comes from the heart, and home is where the heart is.  My husband Chris built a beautiful home for our family in 2013 and this is the base for our business. I welcome you to join us, to enjoy our food, to learn new techniques and to experience private home dining in a relaxed, unpretentious, warm and welcoming environment.  Please take a look through the website and contact me to have a chat.