Menu and Prices

Vietnam classes

Summer rolls with grill pork and Prawns, fresh Asian herbs, rice noodles served with peanut dipping sauce

Crispy Turmeric fish salad with deep fried shallot, mix Asian herbs, green mango or papaya (seasonal)

Or lemongrass chicken salad with rice noodles and mix herbs served with Noc nam dressing


Taste of Lao

Mawk Pa, Seasonal fish steam in banana leaves, coconut cream, red curry, Asian herbs

Larb Sen, Laotian spicy beef salad with fresh herbs

Lao style spicy tomato sauce w/ seasonal greens

Steam sticky rice or steam rice


Taste of Thailand


Sum tom, spicy carrot or papaya salad with citrus and chili dressing (seasonal)

Green curry chicken or red curry Beef

Larb Gai, mince chicken salad with fresh herbs, toasted ground rice, chili, lime or Beef optional

Sticky Rice or steam rice


Canape Classes

Pork dumplings with sweet chili, soy, ginger dressing

Fish cakes with cucumber and carrot dressing

Red Curry, chicken satay and peanut sauce

Vietnamese Summer rolls and dipping sauce

Pasta making Class

Handmade fresh egg pasta



With meat ragu pappardelle  

A fun class for your group, making different types of pasta of your choice


 Lessons includes

Cost per head $145.00/ Minimum no. 4 people to book

Private lesson for 1 person $250.00

6 people Max for private group lessons.

Classes from Wednesday to Saturday only/ dinner Friday and Saturday from 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Starting at 11am to 2.30 pm

Hands on cooking

Aprons provided

All the ingredients supplied

Recipes to take home

3 hrs to 3.5 hrs cooking time

Complimentary glass of wine or juice with your main

Dessert (please choose 1 dessert from the dessert menu)

Tea or coffee to end your meal

Relax, sit down and enjoy your creations with your groups.




Petite doughnuts with chocolate, caramel sauce, vanilla cream


Lemon citrus tart,


Seasonal fruit frangipani tart


Poached winter pears, chocolate sauce


Meringues with seasonal fruit or berry toppings


Chocolate tart, berries compote


Chocolate fudge brownie


Warm apple crumble and vanilla ice cream


Coconut Banana fritters, caramel sauce with vanilla ice cream


Crème caramel /flan


Vanilla bean Cream Brulee


Sago pudding, mango puree, meringues, coconut, Asian fruit salad


Cream Brulee, vanilla or coffee


Summer trifle pudding, jelly, sponge, fruit, cream, custard


Petite fours


Chocolate mousse, raspberry, cream


Rick, dark Chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, blackberry


Lime meringue tart-lets









Childrens Cooking Classes:


Are the kids bored, complaining about everything being dull... been there, done it and want to try something new? Well bring them to our school holiday cooking classes. It 's a fantastic way to spend the day as a family or organise a day out with their friends. 


You can learn how to make mouth watering Hot Cross Buns, Pizza at our Pizza making classes - made with my special home-made tomato sauce (which is the yummiest) and your choice of toppings. Cake decorating? With chocolate or vanilla buttercream and heaps of decorations and toppings you can learn how to make a cake look stunning! Homemade Pasta? Finish it with meatballs or vegetarian. Finally our cookie making class, make something like the pic (so cute!)


Difficulty level=easy to medium

A fun hands on cooking class designed to get the kids laughing for a few hours

Please talk to me if there are any special dietary requirements :)



October 8th 2015:

We will be making Little pastries and mini Pies & Chocolate Cupcakes with buttercream topping.


Time: 10.30am to 2pm

For Ages 6 to 12 years old

Cost per child: $35.00


Three hours of fun, hands on cooking which includes lunch, drink and recipes to take home.


Drop off at Samone’s, Prompt start at 10:30am


Limited Spaces still available, book now so you don't miss out!




Canape Classes:

With Samone Friday September 18th 2015


Come join me this september and be the super star at your next dinner party when you perfect the art of making canapes, wether it be to feed a small group of friends or a bustling soiree of 60 people, you'll come out on top after mastering the Canape Class.
Cost per head is $95.00
TIME starts at11.30am
All Ingredients supplied and complimentary Glass of wine or juice to go with your delicious canapes
Email for bookings.

Samone xx

Bread Making Classes:

With Samone Saturday July 11th 2015


If you are interested in making fresh, healthy  and easy bread for you and your family. 
I will share my favourite recipes that I serve for my events and guest- NO MACHINE REQUIRED!
Spaces are limited to 8 people 
Cost per head is $60.00
TIME starts at 2pm
All Ingredients supplied and complimentary Glass of wine to go with your delicious baking
Email for bookings.

Samone xx