Sweet Fig, Pear, Blue cheese and Walnut salad with a light honey dressing

Here's one for the vegetarians :)

I decided to make a simple salad to match the beautiful weather we were having in Auckland. Something cool, bright and summery. These fantastically sweet and soft Figs are like no other. They are the perfect contrast to the sharpness of the blue cheese. The walnuts add an amazing textual element and the light honey dressing rounds the dish off perfectly. If you need to add meat some good quality prosciutto or parma ham, grilled until crispy, would be the perfect accompaniment to the dish.



2 - 3 Figs

1 pear or .5 if the pears are big

A small handfull of walnuts or almond

100g - 150g Blue Vien cheese (use your favourite and crumble)


2 Tblsp of light olive oil

2 Tblsp of lemon juice

4 tsp of runny light honey

salt and pepper to season


I made this recipe as an Entree but it can totally be made as a Main.

Roast your walnut or almond in a fry pan until lightly golden, take of heat and allow to cool.

I used 1.5 Figs per plate, i think i could have probably gotten away with just 1 because they were huge, using smaller figs you might need 2. Cut in halves or quarters and place in plate.

The pears are sliced thin and lengthwise, then layered over and around the figs.

Sprinkle, almonds or walnuts, a crumbling of blue cheese and just for visual purpose, some beautiful edible garden flowers (optional)

To Make the Dressing

Add the oil, lemon, seasoning and honey. Whisk well, until the mixture is completely combined.

Make sure you TASTE the dressing and adjust the ingredients to get the right balance to suit your taste. Add the dressing just before you serve to the salad. A Pinot Gris is an excellent accompaniment to this dish.

Serves 2.